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Hi. My name is Manny. Yup. Just Manny. I thought about changing my name a thousand times, but I figured if Miguel can be Miguel and Khalid can be Khalid, then Manny can be Manny. They're huge inspirations, by the way. I digress.


I'm an independent artist from Lynn, MA - north of Boston. I've been making music for years. Here's a quick recap of my career broken down into Chapters.




I started playing piano in middle school. In high school, I released three rap albums under the name "Famous." Good luck trying to find them; they're not on the internet – yet. I started singing in college. I joined the College Chorus. I started doing a ton of shows in Massachusetts & New Hampshire. I released an album called "Call Me Manny." Now you know where that comes from. I did songs with local artists like Nawlage, Kim Davis, & C-Scharp. I graduated college from Salem State University with a Bachelor's in Entrepreneurship & Management with a Minor in Music. I hated the snow, so I moved to Miami.




A song I released before I graduated, "Out My Way," started taking off in New York City. They danced "the Bronx Wine" to it. I did what any aspiring artist would do and moved to New York City to perform! Wait. Actually, no. I didn't do that. Why? I had no idea what I was doing. Time went by, and I thought I missed my opportunity in music. I got depressed about it, imagined myself as a one-hit wonder, and gave up.




My best friend convinced me to try again. I moved to New York. I quit my job. I released an EP called "Prequel." I had a baby on the way. I was All In. I gave it 210 Percent, did a ton of shows, spent every dollar I had on marketing, and maxed out my credit cards. And then... Nothing happened. I was devastated and extremely heartbroken. My son was about to be born. So, I moved back to Miami and started raising a Prince. Three months later, "Fallen Out Of Love" went viral. Bad timing. I didn't have a chance to pursue it. However, i saw a silver lining. I'm not a one-hit wonder anymore and I still have it in me to make great music..   




Over three years went by. I got back on my feet, paid off my debt, bought a house, and went back to school. I graduated with a Masters in Marketing at FIU. Decided I would make music again with one goal. The goal isn't to blow up. The goal isn't to become a multi-millionaire. The goal is to build a connection with my fans. The ones still listening after all these years. The ones who genuinely support me. The ones who believe in me more than I believe in myself. One of my biggest fans came up with a name for you – Manniacs.



I'll write Chapter 5 of this bio in a year – 04/16/2021. Want to be a part of it? If you read this far, then you probably do. Click here to get updates and become a Manniac or fill out the "Become a Manniac" form on the bottom of this page.


Thank you so much for listening! It means the world to me.



(754) 799-0044

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